What is Web Kick Starter?

… all this from just $499?

Web Kick Starter is a concept to enable startup businesses, local trades and small local businesses a low cost entry point to take their business online without them having to resort to other methods such as hosting provider web builders, WIX and other alternate platforms. We wanted to put our potential clients into the power of WordPress with the ability to rank and gain targeted leads.

Web Kick Starter is not custom design. You select from our range of pre-made designs then you can either change the text and images yourself or if your budget allows you can get us to make your changes. We have all the tutorials you need to easily make changes yourself. You end up with a powerful theme that has built in Local SEO tools to ensure you will get in front of your competition.

The real bonus is the built in Local SEO tools along with our tutorials to help you understand the process and get your business found in local search.

You Pick a design

Pick from one of our 24 fully loaded beautiful wordpress designs where each is specifically themed for specific local niches.

You change the content

Follow our simple easy to understand tutorials and change over the content to make the website uniquely yours.

You setup your local SEO

Our local SEO tutorials not only step out the local SEO process but will make it simple for you to use the built in tools.

We support you all the way

We fully support you along the way by providing easy to understand tutorials, offering add-on services, and access to our Support Desk.

What are the Local SEO Tools onboard?

What edge will these tools give me?

Our built in Local SEO Tools will allow you to dominate the local search engine results for your local business, product or service and not just for the suburb of your office or head quarters but for your entire service area or target selling area.

Local Schema Markup Code

Schema markup is code that you can use to markup certain elements of your website to help search engines understand them better. By adding local schema markup to your website, you can tell search engines exactly what your business name is, your image, your address, phone number, hours of operation and more.

Keyword Sets and Shortcodes

Your SEO keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimized for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site.

Image Optimisation

Onpage Optimization is the pillar of your SEO and one of the most important on page optimization factors is image optimizationImage SEO optimization is one of the building blocks of on page optimizationImages are a strong visual component of a webpage. They say that a ‘Picture is better than a thousand words’.

What are the Features of Web Kick Starter?

Build highly targeted niche website pages using all the relevant keywords for your niche in a couple of clicks!

  • 100% Mobile Responsive

    Your Web Kick Starter theme will fit perfectly into all viewing devices.

  • Fully Customisable

    Your wordpress theme allows you to edit your pages by click, drag’n’drop.

  • Call to Action Contact Forms

    Customise your own built in call to action forms wherever you want them.

  • Built in Local SEO

    On board Local Schema Code, Keyword sets and Shortcodes, and Image SEO.

  • Training and Support

    We have a Client Training Area as well as a dedicated Support Desk.

  • 12 Months FREE Hosting

    Premium web & email Hosting FREE for 12 months. Ongoing cost $120/yr

What is the Ordering Process?

  1. Simply complete the order form below at the foot of this page.
  2. We will acknowledge your order.
  3. You will then receive an invoice from DKG Creative for your Web Kick Starter wordpress website.
  4. You can pay the invoice by direct electronic funds transfer or credit card.
  5. Once we have receipt of payment we will build your website on our premium web & email hosting. *Your ongoing cost for this in 12 month’s time is $120/year
  6. We will request you to add our name servers to your domain name control panel (unless we acquired your domain name for you in which case we will setup name servers for you).
  7. We will hand the website over to you in 1 – 5 days depending on our current workload.
  8. The website will be fully functional, registered with Google and Bing Webmaster, and Google Analytics ill be integrated.
  9. You will receive access codes to our client training area where you can watch tutorial videos on all aspects of operating your website.
  10. You will then be able to edit the content to make the website uniquely yours. *If you elected to have us change your content over as an ADD-ON then you send all your content to us and we will add it in for you. NOTE: Until we have all your content we will not begin this step.
  11. You then setup your local SEO. *If you elected to have us setup your local SEO as an ADD-ON then we will do this for you.
  12. If you elected as ADD-ONS to get the Content Curation Model OR the News Syndication Network then we would install these now.

You are now ready to do some serious business online now.

And remember we have a dedicated Support Desk if for some reason you need assistance.

What are the Add-Ons that we might want to pick from?

You don’t NEED any of the following add-ons because in fact on it’s own this website is really quite powerful. These add-ons either save you doing certain tasks OR will super-charge your SEO, branding, promotion efforts.

Content Copywriting

$150 / page

You tell us what pages you want us to write and just give us a bullet point list of USP’s for each page.

Content Added (text & images)

$600 / site

We will add for you. We will give you a flow sheet suggesting pages you will need, and you send us back the wording and images for each page. We won’t start this task until you confirm we have all your content so we can do it just the once.

Have the LOCAL SEO setup for you


We have full training on how to setup your local SEO which makes it very easy for you to do it yourself however we are happy to do this for you.

News Content Curation Module

$360 / year

Extend the power of your new website by opting for our Content Curation module. Have the ability to bring news articles in from multiple sources where you can grab items you like and slide them into your news editor. Add some unique content of yours in the form of extending the information or making a comment on the news you selected, then publish. It’s that easy. You can do a session and schedule your articles to drip feed out later over time.

News Syndication Network

50 Private Social Sites $200 / year

100 Private Social Sites $300 / year

200 Private Social Sites $400 / year

300 Public Social Sites $300 / year

Extend the power of your new website by opting for our News Syndication Network module. This will supercharge your SEO efforts. Every time you publish a news post from your new website it will automatically syndicate throughout either 50, 100 or 200 private social media websites OR 300 local business niche social media sites, depending on what option you selected. Our News Syndication Networks are built from 21 different Social Media Platforms. This is the perfect solution where you do a task once and it multiplies through automation and extends the reach of your promotions, now thats real power!

Choose From Any Of These Themes


Children Entertainer









Nightclub / Bar


Beauty Salon




Painting / Decorating


Car Repair


Hair Care




ORDER Web Kickstarter

  • If you choose this add-on we will email you a document to complete.
  • We will email you with a suggested flow sheet and asking for your content. We will not start until we have all your content.
  • If you choose this add-on we will email you a document to complete.
  • If you choose this add-on we will email you a document to complete.
  • If you choose this add-on we will email you a document to complete.
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